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A team of factory-trained and certified Honda technicians makes up the service department at Braman Honda. Using the latest diagnostic and maintenance equipment available, we help drivers like you from Miami, Coral Gables, Gladeview, and beyond to keep your vehicle performing at its best with quality care and genuine parts.

We don’t have to tell you that your vehicle is an investment. Our job as a professional service department is to help you protect that investment with routine maintenance and expert repairs so you can continue to enjoy your vehicle for years to come. By taking care of your vehicle properly, you’ll help to extend its lifespan, preserve its value, and possibly avoid more costly repairs further down the road.

Types of Routine Maintenance

Also known as preventative maintenance, regularly scheduled service is meant to reduce the likelihood of part failure by performing maintenance on it while it’s still working. You’re probably familiar with a number of preventative maintenance services, such as getting an oil change – all of which you can find at our Braman Honda service center.

Oil change: The oil in your engine keeps vital parts lubricated, cooled, and free of debris. However, the oil must be changed periodically to prevent the parts from overheating or failing. At Braman Honda, we’ll change the oil using the manufacturer-recommended blend, and we’ll replace the oil filter.

Tire rotation: A tire rotation is quick, simple maintenance that helps to ensure the even wear of all four tires. We’ll swap the front and back tires so you can look forward to optimized performance, control, and fuel efficiency. Plus, while we’re inspecting the tires, we’ll test each one to ensure that it’s safe and has the proper amount of tread.

Checking the fluids:Your vehicle uses a collection of fluids to perform all of the vital functions that make it move. From brake fluid to transmission fluid and even fluid for the windshield washer, our technicians will check the levels and make sure that there are no leaks.

Beyond Preventative Service

honda vehicle maintenance

At Braman Honda, our service technicians are capable of doing a lot more than just changing the oil and checking the fluids. Our state-of-the-art service center is equipped to help repair your vehicle should you begin experiencing any problems. No matter how big or small the job is, we’re here to help get you back behind the wheel.

The kind of automotive service that you’ll find at Braman Honda is thorough. We don’t stop once we’ve found one cause of the problem; we check for other possible causes and effects to make sure the issue is completely resolved.

Think You Might Need Service?

If you’re in the Miami, Coral Gables, or Gladeview area and you think your vehicle might need service, you can schedule an appointment quickly and easily by filling out a short online request form. You can also speak to one of our service representatives by calling 786-707-4314 if you have any questions.

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