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Your 2018 Miami FL Restaurant Guide

The nightlife here in Miami really is something else. There are the clubs, bars, and entertainment. But bracketing them all are a host of mouthwatering eateries.

Need help combing through all the delectable restaurants that Miami, FL, has to offer? This 2018 guide ought to help you out…

Komodo | Connect on Facebook

If the Komodo dragon is considered one of the most formidable creatures in the animal kingdom, then Komodo restaurant has to be one of the most formidable eateries in the Miami scene.

With three bars, three floors, and scenic indoor and outdoor seating in the heart of the Brickell neighborhood, Komodo is something of a sight to behold. And their Southeast Asian cuisine is even more impressive.

friends at restaurant

restaurant chefs cooking

set table at restaurant

  • Our recommendation: Their Peking Duck is no joke. Made with cucumber, scallion, pancakes, and hoisin, it’s absolutely bursting with flavor.

Perricone’s Marketplace & Café | Connect on Facebook

As a people-pleasing cuisine, Italian rules the roost in most cities’ foodie scenes. However, amongst the sea of rustic eateries, Perricone’s Marketplace & Café is something of a beacon.

A coastal standout, Perricone’s authentic Italian menu is based around recipes passed down through generations. For the past two decades, they’ve been tested and tweaked to total perfection.

wine on table

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  • Our recommendation: The Fiocchi Gorgonzola is really something special. The purse-shaped pasta is stuffed with fresh pear and four cheeses, then served with a walnut Gorgonzola sauce.

Pinch Kitchen | Connect on Facebook

Perhaps the most laidback restaurant on this list, Pinch Kitchen is a perfect choice for those who prefer small plates to share with a group.

Of course, in spite of the small size of their bites, they still boast of a big impact in the flavor department, and we’re inclined to agree. These New American plates are all imbued with their own creative twist.

  • Our recommendation: If you’re interested in sharables, try their seasonal Ceviche. With corvina, wild red shrimp, choclo (corn), aji limo (chili pepper), and yucca chips, it’s one colorful dish.

Taste the Best of Miami

There are literally hundreds of places to eat in the city of Miami. However, if you’re looking for an unforgettable meal, one you’ll be raving about for years to come, these three are it.

Contact any of these Miami, FL, restaurants today to make your reservation!