Get Inspired at These Art Galleries near Miami FL

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Art Galleries near Miami FL

Calling all art lovers! Are you on the hunt for your new favorite art gallery? We have you covered with this list of the best art galleries near Miami.

Exploring local art can be a beautiful way to spend a leisurely afternoon or a fun night with friends. Browse through what each gallery has to offer and plan your next outing!

Fredric Snitzer Gallery | Visit Their Facebook

Art near Miami FLThe Fredric Snitzer Gallery has been bringing art to Miami for forty years. It strives to bring emerging and mid-career artists to an international level. If you’re on the lookout for a new artist to watch, Fredric Snitzer has you covered.

Some artists you can see on display there are Jackie Ferrara, Zeke Berman, and Kenny Scharf. Art is subjective, so Fedric Snitzer offers a variety of different styles to satisfy different tastes. Whether you are a fan of sculpture or impressionist work, you are sure to find a piece that speaks to you.

The exhibitions at Fredric Snitzer are always rotating to bring you fresh material. So, check out their Facebook to see which ones are currently on display.

Markowicz Fine Art | Visit Their Facebook

Art Galleries in Miami FLIn the heart of the Miami Design District rests Markowicz Fine Art. This gallery was established in 2010 and boasts a large collection of international and emerging art.

Andy Warhol’s Castelli Invitation is on display for those who are a fan of his work. However, if you’re trying to discover a new favorite artist, there are pieces from Idan Zereski and Metis Atash to satisfy you. Interested in art from around the world? Check out Markowicz’s collections from ANNALU, Ann Grim, and Ayo Takano.

For a truly unique experience, you can browse their impressive collection of Kaï’s street art. He is a new artist who has collaborated with celebrities, and his unique works are sure to be the topic of conversation.

Markowicz is also the exclusive agent of French artist Alan Godon, so go spend a night exploring his innovative BildoReliefo technique.

Discover Your New Favorite Artist

These art galleries are sure to impress the most avid of art lovers. On you next date night or girl’s night out in Miami, make sure to stop by Markowicz Fine Art and Fredric Snitzer Gallery!

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