Give into Your Love for Chocolate at These Shops in Miami FL

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It’s hard to deny how tasty chocolate is. Not only is it silky smooth, but you can mix it with all kind of flavors, fruits, and nuts to make a truly unique and delicious treat.

If you’re craving something sweet, then check out the following best chocolate shops in Miami, FL…

Cacao Art: For True Chocolate Appreciation

assorted chocolatesSisters and professional chocolatiers Susana and Isabel started Cacao Art to sell artisan, handmade dark chocolates and truffles. They use both chocolate from Venezuela (where the sisters grew up) and high-quality local ingredients from Miami.

There are lots of decadent chocolates to choose from. There’s the Honey Cardamom, which is made from tupelo honey and cardamom ganache. There’s also Café de Hacienda, which consists of Columbian coffee and raw cane sugar ganache.

Check out their other fancy chocolates on the Cacao Art Facebook page.

Cao Chocolates: Fine Chocolaterie & Sweet Confections

Cao Chocolates was founded by Chocolatier Ricardo Trillos, who decided to leave his accounting job and make his love for chocolate a full-time career.

He creates Miami bean-to-bar chocolate bars using cacao beans sourced from farmers around the world. He also makes chocolate truffles and bonbons with 100% Venezuelan cacao, fine liquors, and other premium ingredients.

There are many bars to choose from, including the Brazil 70%. This chocolate bar has notes of nuts, dried fruit, and honeysuckle. They also sell dark chocolate-covered almonds, chocolate-covered apricots, and rotating flavors of truffles and bonbons.

To see their current in-store treats, visit Cao Chocolates on Facebook.

Exquisito Chocolates: Bean to Bar Sweets

Exquisito Chocolates uses high-quality ingredients and premium sourced cocoa beans to make various chocolate and marshmallow sweets. Everything is made in small batches by hand to ensure that you’re getting great-tasting chocolates with no preservatives or additives.

Here, you’ll find various bar flavors like 60% Dark Chocolate with Puffed Rice, Dark Chocolate with Nonpareils, and Milk Chocolate with Madagascar Vanilla. They also sell such confections as Chocolate-Covered Macaroons, Café Con Leche Truffles, and Haute Chocolate in Classic Marshmallow.

Visit Exquisito Chocolates on Facebook for photos of their other unique sweets.

Oh My Gosh! Brigadeiros: Chocolate & Coffee Boutique

OH MY GOSH! Brigadeiros takes a unique twist on the traditional brigadeiro (a Brazilian sweet similar to a bonbon), along with cappuccinos. It was founded by Luciano Brilho, who was born in Rio de Janeiro and wanted to introduce his love of brigadeiros to Americans.

chocolates in shopThey have many brigadeiro flavors, including Passion Fruit, Churros, Milk Nutella, and Choco Almond. They also have unique cappuccino creations, such as the Salty Dulce de Leche Cappucino. It consists of a cappuccino drizzled in caramel, and then gets dulce le leche piped around the rim of the mug and covered in salty, chocolatey sprinkles.

Check out photos and videos of their other creative desserts on the OH MY GOSH! Facebook page.

Enjoy That Piece of Chocolate

Dark chocolate is actually a powerful source of antioxidants. So, go ahead and satisfy your taste buds with a delicious piece of chocolate. It’ll be sure to put a smile on your face and make you feel better overall.



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