These Miami Area Restaurants Will Sham-Rock Your World this St. Patty’s Day

March 7th, 2018 by

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Can’t find the pot of gold at the end of Miami’s rainbow? Well, you’re not alone. We haven’t either.

What we have found, in the meantime, are three raging Irish restaurants that’ll really blow you away this St. Patrick’s Day. Luckily, they’re all just a short drive from Miami!

First Stop: Irish Times Pub & Eatery

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St. Patty’s Day doesn’t entail just a few hours’ worth of fun. Oh, no—it’s an all-day, all- night affair. In order to enjoy it fully, you’re going to have to fill up first.

Fortunately, good Irish food is dense enough to soak up all the alcohol you might pile on throughout the night, and the Irish Times Pub & Eatery has some of the heartiest plates around.

Before you throw back a stout or two (or six or seven or…), why not order up an eatery favorite? The Irish Times Bangers N Mash includes real Irish sausages, mashed potatoes, traditional gravy, and baked beans.

Next Stop: John Martin’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

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Few know how to party quite like the Irish—and Martin Lynch and John Clarke, the founders of John Martin’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, hail directly from the motherland.

To be exact, John & Martin grew up Killinkere, Ireland. Here is where they learned the values of hospitality, good cooking, and, of course, raucous parties.

So, for stop two, you’ll definitely want to make John Martin’s your go-to. Good conversation and good laughs are a guarantee.

Last Stop: The Playwright Irish Pub

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Okay, so you’ve had your traditional Irish dinner, as well as your traditional Irish party. Now, it’s time to end the night with a traditional Irish nightcap.

The Playwright Irish Pub, with its warm and antique décor, has a true old-world feel to it as does its collection of aged Irish whiskeys and single-malt scotches.

There’s no better way to end your St. Patty’s Day than with a 12-year-old Jameson, or even a 16-year-old Bushmills. That ought to warm your bones before the walk (or Uber) home!

Top of the Morning to You!

If you manage to make it to all three of these Miami, FL, area restaurants this St. Patrick’s Day, all we can say is…whew. Truly, that’s one heck of a morning-after you’re going to have.

Pro tip: try a little hair of the dog. Another Guinness, perhaps?

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