Best Italian Restaurants in Miami, FL

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italian food miami flEveryone loves Italian food. From pizza to delicious bowls of pasta, there’s just something about authentic Italian cuisine that leaves you always wanting more. Fortunately, you don’t have to stray too far to find the most delicious Italian dishes in the area because the best Italian restaurants are located right in Miami.

Here are a few listed below.

Caffe Abbracci

The award-winning Caffe Abbracci is the place to go if you’re looking for an Italian meal that’s delicious and truly authentic. Here, you’ll be able to indulge in a variety of northern Italian culinary classics, including homemade pasta and risotto. Plus, they serve tons of fresh seafood and savory entrees like Veal “Milanese” that’ll tantalize your taste buds.

If you need something to satisfy your sweet tooth, you need to try the authentic Italian desserts at Caffe Abbracci. From their famous Berries with Marsala Zabajon to their Traditional Tiramisu, all their desserts provide a perfectly sweet way to end a delicious meal.

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italian restaurants miamiThey say nothing compares to traditional Italian cuisine, but OCIO may change that. OCIO is a restaurant in Miami that’s adding their own fresh interpretation to traditional Italian cuisine. They offer a variety of dishes like Risotto Champagne. They also feature fresh dishes like Ocio Carpaccio, which consists of thin slices of octopus, and Ocio Octopus, which is char-grilled octopus marinated in citrus and olive oil.

In addition to their unique dishes, OCIO’s menu features a wide selection of traditional meals that are flavorful and just all around delicious. Some of their other menu items include their famous Lobster Ravioli, Shrimp Scampi, and Fettuccine Carbonara. On top of that, OCIO offers desserts like Tiramisu and Crepes for you to enjoy.

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VERO Italian

If you’re looking to fit enjoying a good Italian meal into your busy schedule, VERO Italian is the place to go. With an array of light lunch menu options, it’s perfect for a quick, on-the-go meal in Miami. Some of the menu items at VERO Italian include salads, pasta, and their famous handmade single-serve Italian pizzas.

Of course, VERO Italian’s menu also features dinner items for your next corporate outing or date night. From their handcrafted Gnocchi di Carote to their Salmone in Pentola dish, all the menu options at this eatery are packed with authentic Italian flavors to create a memorable meal. Plus, you can enjoy your dinner inside the rustic-themed restaurant or in their romantic outdoor seating area to enhance your overall experience.

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If you’re looking for a great meal to enjoy with friends and family, you can’t go wrong with Italian food. Be sure to check out the best Italian restaurants in Miami listed above for a delicious culinary experience you won’t soon forget. Don’t wait; book your table now.


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