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Locals and visitors to the Fort Lauderdale, FL, area, looking for a fun activity the whole family will enjoy should consider planning a trip to Everglades Holiday Park. The Park is the perfect place to get a safe up-close look at alligators and other wildlife. Everglades Holiday Park offers a variety of different activities, such as airboat tours, presentations, water fishing, and much more.

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History of Everglades Holiday Park

Before Everglades Holiday Park was dedicated to wild animals and family fun, it was a once a tobacco farm owned by George M. Bridges. In 1982, Bridges decided to change the farm into something new and exciting, so he utilized his background in construction to build the Park’s first airboat in the backyard.

Bridges and his family worked hard over the years to create what we know today as Everglades Holiday Park. Today, the Park is known as one of South Florida’s premier gateway exhibits to the state’s popular attraction, the Everglades, and all its amazing wild animals.

Gator Shows

One of the most-known animals that come from the Everglades is alligators. These creatures are wildly fascinating, and Everglades Holiday Park is here to provide you with the opportunity to view them in their natural habitat. The Park offers gator shows, where their team works to entertain and inform the audience about these animals. The show also promotes the importance of conservation in the natural wetlands of Florida.

The gator show team is recognized all around the world, starring on Animal Planet’s popular show “Gator Boys.” The gator shows were also voted as one of the top attractions in the area.

Schedule a Field Trip to Everglades Holiday Park

The Florida Everglades are something the staff at Everglades Holiday Park takes pride in educating its visitors about, making the Park the ideal place to plan a field trip. Kids of all ages will love getting to see alligators, over 20 types of birds, over 2,000 kinds of plants, and other wetlands species. Field trips can also include an airboat tour, an exciting way for kids to learn and view the wildlife.

Visit Everglades Holiday Park Today!

If alligators and learning more about the Florida Everglades interest you, then consider planning a trip to Everglades Holiday Park! There, you’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll never forget. To learn more about the Park, check out their Facebook page.

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