Sharpen your Skills at Extreme Axe

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Axe Throwing near Miami FL

Looking for an axe-citing new activity to spice up your Friday night? Extreme Axe, located in Miami, Hollywood and Palmetto Bay provides an exhilarating indoor axe throwing experience. If you’re looking for a fun night out with friends or a totally unique date, Extreme Axe can be a premier option.

What is Extreme Axe?

Extreme Axe is South Florida’s first indoor axe throwing experience. You can spend a night at Extreme Axe learning how to throw, playing interactive games, and can even join a competition league. Extreme Axe provides individual lanes so you can bring a bunch of friends or even plan your next birthday party there. You and your group can choose to throw at a traditional wooden target, or, for an extra fun experience, you can choose one of their interactive target games.

Whether you choose the classic or interactive target, all of Extreme Axe’s games are designed for team-building. That is why Extreme Axe makes for a great date night or bachelor(ette) party. You can even rent out the entire venue for a corporate outing. Contact them today to learn about their accommodations.

They host different events, like Ladies Night, so be sure to follow them on Facebook to stay up to date.

Do You Need Experience?

The best part about Extreme Axe is that absolutely no axe throwing experience is required. Whether you are a full-blown axe-pert or have never thrown an axe before, Extreme Axe has a program for you! They offer competitive and recreational activities designed to entertain people of all ages and abilities.

If you are new to the axe throwing scene, one of their trained team members will work with you to help sharpen your skills. If you are confident in your skills and are ready to give the competition the axe, you can join their monthly leagues and competitions.

Extreme Axe is a proud member of the World Axe Throwing League. You can join a league to enjoy weekly meetings with people who are as passionate and dedicated about the sport of axe throwing as you are.

Get Axe-Treme!

It’s time to up your weekend by having an axe-hilarating experience at Extreme Axe. You can walk in any time, or, to ensure that you get the time slot you want, you can make a reservation online. Contact them today about booking your next night out at Extreme Axe!

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