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Honda Accord Parts

Honda Accord

Properly caring for and maintaining your Honda Accord is important to not only ensure you stay safe on the road but also so that you can get the very best value from your vehicle for years to come. At Braman Honda, we help drivers throughout Miami, Hialeah, and Doral keep their Honda Accords working at peak performance by providing great service through our service and parts department and supplying genuine Honda Accord parts.

So, whether you prefer to handle your own maintenance or just searching for the right OEM part for your vehicle, we guarantee to have exactly what you need.

Honda OEM Parts

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We know that some drivers will go to third-party auto parts centers to purchase parts for their vehicle. Unlike genuine Honda OEM parts, these aftermarket parts sometimes don’t fit perfectly with their Honda Accord and if cheaply made, will end up needing to replace them a lot sooner. OEM stands for, “Original Equipment Manufacturer” and are specifically designed to fit your Honda vehicle’s exact specifications.

Why Choose OEM Parts?


Having the right parts are important to keeping your Honda Accord running it’s best, and Braman Honda’s Part Center we’re proud to be able to serve as a resource for drivers looking to get the right part the first time.  There’s a number of reasons to only use genuine OEM parts:

  1. Quality – perhaps you bought an aftermarket piece only to find that when you went to install it, the holes didn’t perfectly match up. This happens all the time and could result in that piece eventually coming loose or even breaking. This is far less likely to occur when using parts that come direct from the manufacturer.
  2. System Compatibility – Honda uses propriety software to communicate between different machines and operating systems within your vehicle. Aftermarket suppliers may not have full access to the coding that makes everything work seamlessly.  Using only OEM parts ensures that everything under the hood is fully compatible.
  3. Warranty – sometimes using non-OEM parts can pose a threat to warranty coverage on a particular piece of equipment. For instance – if your transmission system fails because a non-OEM part was used, you may void the warranty on that piece of equipment.

Whether you need something as simple as an oil filter or a large engine component, we can provide exactly what you need to keep your vehicle running it’s best.

Ordering Your Genuine Honda Accord Parts

Car PartsStop by our Parts Department to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff who can discuss your service issue and help you locate the exact parts you need. Already know exactly what you need to order? Simply, go online and fill out our part request form. Once your parts are ready, we’ll reach out to have you pick them up or discuss having our Service Department install them for you.

Stay Up to Date on Parts-and-Service Specials

Before ordering parts or scheduling a service appointment, make sure you check out our money-saving specials to save big on your next routine maintenance or replacement.

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Order Genuine OEM Honda Accord Parts Today!

If you live in the Miami, Doral or Hialeah areas and need genuine OEM parts, come directly to the source. Speak with a Braman Honda team member today!