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Honda Fit Maintenance Schedule

2019 Honda Fit

The simplest way to lengthen the lifespan of your Honda Fit is to closely follow the maintenance schedule. For your convenience, our team at Braman Honda in Miami has put together this easy-to-follow guide for our customers in the Miami, Doral, and Hialeah areas. By following this schedule, you can keep your car in excellent shape, and maybe add extra years to its life.

Keep in mind that this schedule is based on average vehicle usage. If your car is often used in severe weather, or endures excessive amounts of miles, it’ll require more frequent service.

auto maintenance guide

7,500 Miles

Oil ChangeThe first bit of maintenance your Honda Fit will require is an oil change. As a general rule of thumb, oil should be changed every 7,500 miles. And for the health of your tires, have them rotated and balanced with every oil change.

15,000 Miles

At this mark, there are a number of items that should be looked at, in addition to your tires and engine oil. Have your oil filter replaced and check all fluid levels. Front and rear brakes should be inspected, as well as the parking brake adjustment and driveshaft boots. Hoses and fuel lines can easily sustain small holes and tears, so these must be examined, too. Finally, it’s a good idea to have your car aligned annually. This will improve tire life, in addition to balancing and rotation.

22,500 Miles

On top of your regularly scheduled oil change and tire checks, the time may come when your tire tread begins to wear. Have your mechanic visually inspect your tires to make sure they haven’t sustained too much damage. The brake system should also be examined, as well as brake pads. If you’re not driving too hard, the pads should last longer than. But too much stop-and-go driving will cause them to wear quicker.

30,000 Miles

Service Center You’ll want your mechanic to go over everything that was completed in the 15,000 mile checkup. Only this time, add a few service items. First, many of your fluids will need to be changed, as well as the air cleaner element. Spark plugs should be replaced. And your mechanic will need to inspect the drive belts and adjust them accordingly.

60,000 Miles

In addition to all the items that were inspected or replaced at your 2-year tune-up, it’s a good idea to flush the coolant and power steering systems after four years. Battery terminals may need to be cleaned, and fluid levels should most certainly be checked. Look at your brakes again. If your pads weren’t worn before, it’s very likely they will be now. Also, have your tie rod ends, axle boots, and gaskets inspected.

100,000 Miles

After all these wonderful years with your Honda Fit, your timing belt should be replaced. You’ll also need to replace brake and transmission fluids. Inspection of the water pump and idle speed are highly recommended.

From here, you can start the cycle all over. If you’ve followed this maintenance schedule closely, your Honda Fit is sure to last for tens of thousands more miles. Drivers in the Miami, Doral, and Hialeah areas in need of service should feel free to contact Braman Honda in Miami. Contact us today to keep your Honda Fit maintenance up to date!

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