Light Up the Night at the Luminosa Chinese Lantern Festival

January 14th, 2020 by

When the sun goes down, things are just getting started here in Miami. Its vibrant nightlife and warm temperatures attract many people to Florida’s seaside city each and every year.

Leave the winter blues behind and discover the beauty of Miami for yourself at the Luminosa Chinese Lantern Festival. This fun-filled event is sure to provide a lifetime of memories.

Today, the Braman Honda team is here to tell you all about it, so continue reading the sections below to discover more.

History of the Chinese Lantern Festival

The origins of the Chinese Lantern Festival date back some 2,000 years ago when Buddhist monks of the Eastern Han Dynasty would light lanterns in their temples. Traditionally, these lights mark the end of the Chinese New Year and are said to represent the process of letting go of the past and celebrating new beginnings.

The Zigong Lantern Group aims to bring this tradition of storytelling and sharing of culture to the streets of Miami. They are the worldwide leaders of Chinese Lantern Festivals, showcasing their festival in over 16 foreign countries and more than 200 regions throughout China.

What Can You Expect at the Lantern Festival?

The Luminosa Chinese Lantern Festival is a spectacle unlike any other. With over one million LED lights across 13 acres of trails, this 90-night event is perfect for folks of all ages.

These stunning artistic displays bring some local flair to this ancient tradition by highlighting the vibrant sights and colors of Miami. From glowing aquatic exhibits to brightly lit palms, watch as the entire city transforms right before your eyes.

Delicious food and craft cocktails are provided throughout the night as are live music and two Chinese acrobatic performances—all of which are included in your ticket purchase.

Speaking of tickets, they’re available for both children and adults with a 4-ticket family pack option as well.

Purchase Your Tickets Today

The Luminosa Chinese Lantern Festival is only here until February 9th, so be sure to score your tickets now! Also, don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for some awesome videos, updates, and more.

From all of us at Braman Honda, we hope you enjoy the festival!

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