Why the Miami Seaquarium is the Best Place to Spend a Day with the Family

August 18th, 2017 by

FatherandSonThere are many things to do around Miami, but if you’ve never been to the Miami Seaquarium, you’re missing out. With incredible events, educational programs, and a slew of great animal exhibits, a trip to this renowned local attraction is sure to be fun for the entire family.

To give you a better idea of all the fun you can have, here are some of the top reasons to visit the Miami Seaquarium with the family.

Amazing Animal Encounters

While seeing animals in aquariums is great, Miami Seaquarium knows you want to do more than just watch them through a glass window. That’s why they offer Animal Encounters.

Animal Encounters at the Miami Seaquarium gives you a chance to interact with some of your favorite marine animals for an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Want to swim with the dolphins? Check out the Dolphin Odyssey and Dolphin Encounter attractions. Love penguins? Get the chance to meet and interact with one in the Penguin Encounter.

The Miami Seaquarium features a Sea Trek Reef Encounter, too. With their state-of-the-art dive helmet, you’ll be able to walk through their underwater tropical reef and get an up-close look at all the stingrays, fish, and sea creatures it houses.

Entertaining, Fun-Filled Shows

Like the Animal Encounters, the shows at the Miami Seaquarium are fun and exciting for the entire family. To watch bottlenose dolphins perform high-flying antics and acrobatic leaps, head over to the Top Deck Dolphin or Flipper Dolphin show. To see an incredible performance by Lolita the Killer Whale and her Pacific white-sided dolphin pals, check out the Killer Whale & Dolphin show.

A Golden Dome Lion show is also available. Here, you can join Sally the Sea Lion and the Reef Rangers for a performance showcasing the animal’s athletic and comedic talents. Plus, it teaches a valuable lesson on the dangers of pollution and how we can keep the waters clean.

Exciting and Educational Exhibits

Last, but not least, there are the exhibits. Designed to give you a closer look at all the animals at the aquarium, these attractions are so much fun that your kids won’t even notice that they’re educational, too.Miami Seaquarium

Here are just some of the things you and your family can learn about with the exhibits at Miami Seaquarium.

  • Tropical reefs and their inhabitants
  • Tropical fish and birds
  • Stingrays and sharks
  • Manatees, seals, and sea lions
  • The penguins at the aquarium’s Penguin Isle

It’s Time to Visit the Miami Seaquarium!

From intimate animal encounters to entertaining shows and educational exhibits, there’s a lot to love about the Miami Seaquarium. Don’t just take our word for it; check it out for yourself and grab your tickets to this amazing local attraction today!

Plus, don’t forget to connect with the Miami Seaquarium on Facebook for updates on the latest shows, exhibits, and encounters.


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