Chow Down Sustainably During Seed Food & Wine Week in Miami

October 14th, 2019 by

Do you have a big appetite? We’re not just talking about an appetite for savory foods and aromatic wines, but an appetite for eco-conscious living as well. Miami has long been praised as a hub of style and upscale cuisine, including some of the foremost vegan eateries in the region. Seed Food & Wine Week is the premier celebration of living and eating eco-consciously.

Celebrate Plant-Based Palate-Pleasers

When: November 7th–10th, 2019 Consummate carnivores will tell you that meat is where all the flavor is found. However, anyone who says that clearly hasn’t tried gourmet vegan. Fresh, raw vegetables are already bursting with flavor, so just imagine what world-class chefs can do with them when they’re cooked into a succulent dish. The foods, wines, craft beers, and spirits offered up during Seed Food & Wine Week are all plant-based, proving just how delicious eco-conscious eating and drinking can be. Among the list of participating restaurants, you’ll fine big vegan names

such as:

  • Le Jardinier
  • Chef Chloe & The Vegan Café
  • Full Bloom Vegan Gourmet
  • Nabati Ice Cream

Eat Well to Live Well

Seed Food & Wine isn’t all about eating and drinking. It’s about the full experience of living healthy, which includes exercise, sustainable shopping, and more. To showcase eco-conscious living, Seed includes a full calendar of events during that week that extends beyond the taste buds. A few of our favorites include:

  • November 8th: Seed Summit
  • November 9th: Grown—The Dinner Celebrating Modern Plant-Based Living
  • November 10th: Rise & Shine Yoga and Meditation Experience on the Bay

To participate in all events and VIP Preview parties, you’ll want to score passes and tickets on the Seed website!

Mark Your Calendars This November!

You may not have thought that the way you eat could make that big of a difference ecologically, but you’ll want to think again. Come taste and learn how plant-based and vegan eating can help save the planet—and utterly please your palate in the process! Connect with the festival on Facebook to see some of the extravagant dishes they’re serving up!

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