Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

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Getting a routine oil change is the easiest way to keep your car running like new. However, oil changes aren’t necessarily as simple as they seem. To ensure that your vehicle gets the proper care, you need to understand the difference between synthetic and conventional oil.

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What is Synthetic Oil?

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When you schedule an oil change at Braman Honda Miami for your new car, we’ll use synthetic oil help your engine operate smoothly.

Synthetic oil is made from crude oil that’s been distilled, refined, and purified to minimize imperfections. It also contains specific ingredients and features certain properties that make it the ideal oil for newer and more advanced engines. Synthetic oil is most commonly used in new vehicles and high-performance and luxury cars.

Synthetic oil is also known for its long-lasting performance and durability. It can withstand extreme temperatures and protect against damage from severe driving conditions such as long commutes and constant stop-and-go traffic.

On top of that, vehicles using synthetic oil only need to schedule an oil change every 6,000 to 7,500 miles rather than the usual 3,000-mile interval. However, these numbers can vary from vehicle to vehicle, so be sure to consult your owner’s manual to determine the exact oil change interval for your specific car.

What is Conventional Oil?

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Conventional oil is usually used for older cars with low mileage, but it works with almost all vehicles. Like synthetic oil, conventional oil offers great lubrication and protection to ensure proper engine performance.

Conventional oil is known to have more impurities that can affect performance. On top of that, it doesn’t last as long as synthetic oil. So vehicles running on conventional oil will need to schedule oil changes more frequently.

However, many brands of conventional oil contain additives that work to enhance the quality of the liquid so it can last longer, withstand excessive amounts of heat, and ensure liquid durability.

Which Oil is Right for My Vehicles?

Synthetic and conventional oil work with a variety of vehicles and can provide the protection and engine performance we all want. So which is right for you?

Synthetic oil is formulated specifically for modern engines. So if you have a high-end sports car or a new vehicle, synthetic oil is right for you. Those with low-mileage older models should opt for conventional oil.

But to make sure that you choose the right oil for your car, you need to speak with an automotive professional like the ones at Braman Honda Miami. They’ll be able to inspect the condition of your engine to determine which oil is best for your car.

To learn more about synthetic vs. conventional oil, contact the service center at Braman Honda Miami, near Hialeah and Doral, and schedule your oil change now.

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