The Most Unique Breweries to Check Out in Miami, FL

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When you think of Miami, Florida, you typically think of two things: the beaches and the nightlife. What you wouldn’t think of is craft beer. However, the craft beer industry is rapidly growing in the United States, especially in the South. One of the major growths has been in Florida, which contributed to a “net increase of more than 20 breweries” in the past few years, according to the Jacksonville Business Journal.breweries near miami

With this surge of new businesses, you’re probably wondering in Miami you can go to get a good beer. You can’t drink on the beaches since it’s illegal, and the nightclubs are more known for their cocktails than craft beer.

That’s why you need to visit one of these cool, offbeat, and unique breweries.

Here are the top breweries to check out in Miami, Florida. Enjoy a cold beverage today, and please drink responsibly.

Biscayne Bay Brewing Company

At Biscayne Bay Brewing Company, “every day is a voyage; the destination is up to you.” If you’re interested in smooth craft beers and fun arcade games, make this place your destination.

The brewery has only been in existence since 2012, but they’ve already been serving their beers to patrons at over 250 locations in south Florida.

What Makes This Place Unique?

You can be a part of the Sons of Neptune Growler Society. The Sons of Neptune were colonial sailors and who acted as nautical avengers for the Sons of Liberty. During the American Revolution, they fought against trade restrictions made by the British. The brewery has honored these men by creating a growler society in their name.

For an annual fee, you get one free growler fill a month, 10% off all purchases in the tap room, and access to limited-release beers. You also get a members-only Sons of Neptune T-shirt and a 64-ounce growler. Being a part of this society is pretty cool.

Drink This…

Biscayne’s most popular drink is the Saison, which is offered year-round. A combination of Pilsner, pale and wheat malts with French hops and a Belgian yeast, it has a “nice balance between body and bite” that’s sure to leave you satisfied.

Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co.

Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co. is known as “Miami’s weirdest brewery”—that fact alone should pique your interest.

With awesome craft beers, a food truck called Tacos & Tattoos, and various monthly events, this place is definitely worth checking out in Miami.

What Makes This Place Unique?

The people that work here, of course. This is a “brewery full of weirdos,” after all. When you visit Lincoln’s Beard, you can order a drink from Jacob, who likes to chase after foxes on a skateboard. Or, you can converse with Betty, who has an unyielding passion for disco.

With a staff like this, you’re sure to always have fun at this brewery.

Drink This…

Be sure to get the Avenge Me beer just for the name alone. This red ale with a hint of caramel is ready to “take to the mountains and repel the Soviet invasion using any means necessary” (you have to love the Red Dawn reference).

Concrete Beach Brewery

The Wynwood Arts District is an area off the beaten path in Miami, but is rapidly growing with more than 70 art galleries, boutiques, and, of course, the Concrete Beach Brewery.

What Makes This Place Unique?

Besides being in a distinctive part of the city, the brewery is known for some awesome events. You can make and taste your own beer for just $5.00.

You can also listen to some sweet vinyl records with the brewery’s revamped Sola Sessions. Drink some tasty craft beers and dance the night away along to DJ Shay spinning all the hits.

Drink This…

Concrete Beach Brewery has a constant rotation of beers on the menu. Right now, you can get the Stiltsville Pilsner on tap. This beer perfectly balances big, fruity aromas with a light and crisp lager.

Wynwood Brewing Company

Wynwood Brewing Company is “Miami’s first craft production brewery.” They’re also known for creating true works of art in every glass they serve.

Located in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District, this brewery takes from the creative area and applies it to their décor, where you can find one-of-a-kind murals all over the walls.

You definitely want to check this place out, where the word “craft” is part of the building, drinks, and community.breweries near miami

What Makes This Place Unique?

It’s really the arts and culture that make Wynwood Brewing a special place to visit. Aside from the art that’s always in the building, the brewery has their monthly Art Walk.

Every second Saturday of the month, they host a different pop-up art gallery featuring local artists with their pieces on sale all month long. It’s a great way to support the community and showcase the talent that Miami has to offer.

Drink This…

The La Rubia is the lightest beer brewed there, but it definitely doesn’t lack in flavor. It consists of a combination of German pilsner malts, British crystal malts, and German ale yeast. It has a nice and crisp bitterness with a slight sweet flavor perfect to enjoy in the hot Miami weather.

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