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Top Tips for Buying a Used Luxury Car

Used Audi in White

Many people want to buy a used luxury car because they’re stylish, advanced, and perform like a dream. However, buying these vehicles can sometimes be easier said than done.

So to make your car buying experience more convenient, here are some of the top tips for buying a used luxury car in Coral Gables, Miami Beach, and Miami.

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Do Your Research

Used BMWWe here at Braman Honda in Miami know you already have a few models on your luxury car wish list, but will these models work for you? The best way to find out is to do your research. So check out used car buying guides, vehicle reviews, and model comparisons to help you find the car the best meets your needs.

Budget All Costs

Generally, used luxury cars are less expensive than new models. However, the price of the vehicle shouldn’t be the only thing factored into your budget. You also need to consider maintenance costs, monthly insurance payments, and gas prices to ensure that you can fully afford the specific luxury vehicle you want.

Get a Good Look at the Luxury Car

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When you think that you’ve found your perfect used car, take a close look at it in person. You’ll want to check for any exterior damage as well as issues inside the vehicle that indicate the car was in an accident.

Also, be sure to look with more than just your eyes. Be aware of any odd smells when you’re sitting behind the wheel. These can warn you that the car is suffering from damage under the hood.

Play with the Technologies

Audi Sedan

We know that you want to play with the vehicle’s features while you’re behind the wheel, so do it. This will help you to make sure that the infotainment, navigation, and sound systems work properly.

And while you’re fiddling around with the technologies in your potential used luxury car, check to see if the lights, wipers, windows, and other electronic amenities work as well.

Take It Out for a Spin

Before you buy a used luxury car, it’s best to take it out for a spin so you can get a feel of how it performs. Pre-owned luxury cars should drive smoothly, almost as if they were brand new. So if you notice any hiccups in performance, such as rough handling or lack of stopping power, take caution.

Also take note of any weird smells or noises. These indicate damage in the performance systems that will need repairs.

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Browse Our Selection of Used Luxury Vehicles in Miami

While the tips above can help you to find your next luxury car, ensuring that you go to a reputable used car dealership is the most beneficial tip of all. Dealerships like Braman Honda in Miami, FL, can give you a variety of vehicle options so you’ll have better luck finding the exact luxury car you want. Plus each pre-owned model comes with a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report. They also pass a multi-point quality inspection to ensure that it performs like new and delivers an overall top-notch driving experience that you’d expect from any luxury car.

Purchasing a pre-owned luxury vehicle can be difficult. But with help from Braman Honda in Miami and these top tips for buying a used luxury car, it doesn’t have to be. So contact our showroom and schedule a test drive to find your perfect preowned car today!