Which Honda Models Offer AWD?

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Honda Passport AWD

Buyer's Guide to Honda SUVs

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Between sandy breach jaunts and road trips to the Everglades, there’s plenty of exciting adventure to be found in the Miami, Doral, and Hialeah areas.

To venture onto (or off) some of the more rugged roads, you’re going to need a tough ride on your side. Fortunately, there’s are plenty of Honda models that offer intelligent all-wheel-drive (AWD) systems:

Check out this article by the Braman Honda team to learn more on which Honda models offer AWD!

Smart Honda AWD Systems

2020 Honda CR-VAmong the Honda cars that offer AWD, you’ll find two different systems. The first is Intelligent Variable Torque Management™ AWD and the second is Real Time AWD with the Intelligent Control System™. What exactly is the difference between the two?

As you might be able to tell from the name Intelligent Variable Torque Management™ AWD (i-VTM4®), this system pays special attention to the torque. The variable front-to-rear distribution of torque to your wheels has been known to improve handling on dry roads and during turns in addition to on wet terrain.

The Real Time AWD with its Intelligent Control System™ is closer to traditional AWD, just with some key enhancements. Old-school AWD engages your rear wheels when it senses loss of traction, but with some operational lag. The Honda version makes adjustments instantaneously to amp up the safety.

Intelligent Variable Torque Management™ AWD Models

2019 Honda Passport Obsidian Blue Pearl

The i-VTM4® system is one that you’ll find in the bigger Honda models with more off-road-ready chassis. This includes the Ridgeline, Passport, and Pilot, each of which can offer its own unique flair to your next adventure.

The Honda Ridgeline is the only pickup offered in the lineup. It offers up 33.9 cubic feet of truck bed volume as well as an additional 7.3 cubic feet of In-Bed Trunk® volume. If you’re looking for a ride that favors cargo capacity over the number of available seats for passengers, this makes a great option.

On the flipside of that, we have the Pilot. This SUV can seat up to eight. It’s a good choice for drivers with bigger families that need ample room for friends, kids, cargo, and more.

Falling between the two of these then, we have the Honda Passport. It offers something of a Goldilocks-Zone in the i-VTM4® family. It’s got more seating than the Ridgeline but a little less than the Pilot. Regardless, it’s still got all the handling and cargo capabilities that you need.

Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System™

Honda RidgelineYou’ll find that the Real Time AWD with the Intelligent Control System™ is reserved for the more compact crossovers. This includes the Honda CR-V and the HR-V.

With 105.9 cubic feet of interior space, the CR-V is comparable space- and comfort-wise to the highly popular Accord sedan. The HR-V is a little bit smaller at 100.1 cubic feet, making it a slim and maneuverable choice for city driving.

Crossovers tend to bridge the gap between urban roads and less traveled paths. A big part of their versatility is that, while being fuel-minded and more compact, they still offer AWD for rockier driving scenarios. All in all, that really enhances their safety.

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Test Drive Your Favorite Honda AWD Models

Whether you’re looking for a big and bold Honda AWD model such as the Pilot or prefer the more compact HR-V, we have something in store for you here at Braman Honda. Doral, Miami, and Hialeah drivers can contact us online or over the phone today to schedule a test drive.


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