Symptoms of a Bad Crankshaft Position Sensor

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A bad crankshaft position sensor is a rough and dangerous problem for any car. This is an important component for engine management which helps to monitor the rotational speed and position of your crankshaft, and sends the information to your engine’s control unit to allow it to make any necessary adjustments based on how the car is operating. These are some of the most important parameters in your engine operations.

Many engines simply cannot run if the position sensor isn’t functioning right. Fortunately, there are a few symptoms you can watch out for so that you can get the problem addressed before it becomes a major issue for your Miami, Doral or Hialeah car. Let’s examine some of the symptoms of a bad crankshaft position sensor, and the best place to go for repairs if you are having a problem with the component.

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Why Won’t My Car Start?

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If you’re having problems starting your car, it could indicate problems with a number of areas, one of which could be the crankshaft position sensor. Since this sensor monitors the various parameters that play a role in starting up the car, when it’s not working right you may experience intermittent problems firing up the engine.

Of course, there are many other reasons why a car might not start—your alternator, a bad battery, bad starter, bad spark plugs, or a range of issues.

Why is My Car Stalling? 

If your car stalls intermittently, it can be caused by problems with the position sensor or its wires. This can cut off the signal while the engine is running. Usually this is a symptom of a wiring problem, but a bad position sensor can also cause it to happen. In any case, intermittent stalling is nothing to mess around with; if your car stalls in the middle of driving, you could end up stopping in the middle of traffic, which can be deadly.

Why is My Check Engine Light On?

Let’s face it; any time the check engine light appears on your dashboard there’s a problem you need to address. You should get the car into the shop and have it looked at. A bad sensor can absolutely be one reason this light comes on, but you’ll need to have a code reader put on your vehicle to determine what the problem is.

Crankshaft Position Sensor Issues

The problem with looking for symptoms of a bad crankshaft position sensor is that most of the things that can indicate a problem, can also be indicative of other engine or mechanical issues. That’s why it’s important when you’re experiencing troubles with your car in Miami, Hialeah or Doral, you seek the best possible service to get it diagnosed and repaired by a trusted professional.

If you’re having problems with your vehicle, whether it’s a crankshaft position sensor or any other aspect of electrical or mechanical issues, give Braman Honda in Miami a call. Our service technicians are certified experts in a broad range of vehicles, and we can get your car working and on the road, running like the day you bought it. Schedule your service appointment online!

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