Braman Honda Miami Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What can I do if you don’t have the car I’m looking for?

A: If we don’t have the vehicle you’re looking for, you can pre-order it with us! You can pre-order a vehicle online or call us for more information.

Q: How can I schedule a test drive?

A: You can schedule a test drive using our online form or calling us directly.

Q: Can I trade in my car?

A: Yes, you can. To get started, use our online Value Your Trade tool or contact our finance team to learn more.

Q: Do used vehicles have maintenance records? 

A: Yes, you can view the specific vehicle’s CarFax report online or contact us directly for more information! 

Q: Can I have an individual feature added to a car? 

A: You can use the “features” filter on our website to select the exact features you want your car to include. If a specific feature is not listed, please contact us! 

Q: What are my financing options? 

A: Braman Honda offers financing options for new and used cars, and leasing options. You can learn more about our financing and leasing benefits here:  


Q: What services do you offer?

A: We offer oil changes, brake, tire, transmission repairs and more! Contact our team so we can help you with your car service needs.

Q: How do I schedule an oil change?

A: You can schedule an oil change online or call our dealership to make an appointment?

Q: I don’t own a Honda but would still like to service my vehicle at your dealership. Will you work on other brands?

A: Yes, we’ll service all vehicles no matter the make or model! Schedule your service online or give us a call!

Q: Will you explain the details of the necessary repairs? 

A: Our experienced auto mechanics will explain the issue and repair process in easy-to-understand terms. We know that things can happen unexpectedly so that’s why we also offer the Honda Express Service. You can simply drive up and we’ll perform an inspection on your car and explain all the details. 

Q: Can I Switch to Synthetic Oil or a Different Grade? 

A: We recommend you check the owner’s manual to see which oil grade is best for your car. Usually, switching to synthetic oil is not an issue but sometimes, it’s not the best practice for older vehicles. You can contact our service department to ensure that the oil grade you’re using is right for your car. 

Q: How often should I check my tire pressure? 

A: With most new vehicles drivers can check the tire pressure on their dashboard but if you own an older vehicle it’s recommended to check your tires once a month. If you’re looking for a quality set of tires, a tire rotation or any other tire service, please contact our service department.