Honda Civic Type R

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The all-new Honda Civic Type R will be available for drivers in Miami, Doral, and Hialeah to purchase starting in the summer of 2017. The new Civic has been given a powerful and aggressive design, based on the Civic Hatchback. This preview of the Honda Civic Type R from Braman Honda Miami will give you a look at all of the fabulous features that this race-ready roadster has to offer.Honda Civic Type R

The Type R Earns Its (Racing) Stripes

The most important feature of the new Type R is its superb drivability. This car has proven its ability on the track, with a whole host of features that make it more aerodynamic. The new front suspension’s dual-axis configuration works to reduce steering torque, which will improve handling during sharp cornering at top speeds. A multi-link suspension is responsible for the handling of the vehicle’s rear.

Three different driving modes are available, so that your ride can be adjusted to perfectly suit your mood and terrain. Choose from +R, Sport, and Comfort modes, and you’ll experience the drive feel you want, whether you’re roaring ‘round the track or commuting to the office.

‘Round the Outside, ‘Round the Outside: Exterior Features

Red details and sport features make the 2017 Type R look like what it is: a powerful, speedy racer. Every feature of the car’s exterior not only looks fantastic, but is designed to contribute to better handling and more fun driving.

The car’s front splitter with carbon patterning generates a strong downforce that improves steering control when racing around tight corners. Front air curtains help to create consistent braking performance on and off the track.

Vented front fenders on either side of the vehicle help to pull turbulent air away from the tires to reduce drag and further improve handling. Above the rear window, vortex generators channel air toward the Civic’s rear wing, allowing for fantastic cornering, braking, and stability at any speed.

It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

Gorgeous performance bolstered front bucket seats are the central focus of the 2017 Civic Type R’s interior. Each seat is equipped with racing harness pass-throughs to keep you safely in your seat during spirited racing. The seats are covered in luxe black and red suede-effect fabrics.Honda Civic Type R

The sport pedals are inspired by race cars, fashioned in shining, lightweight aluminum and studded with rubber grips to keep ahold of your foot even when switching quickly between the brake and accelerator. A black and red leather-wrapped steering wheel is the cherry on top of this gorgeously styled interior cake.

A 7-inch touchscreen display is standard in the 2017 Type R, so you’ll have full control over your entertainment, including standard satellite radio, where you’ll have access to hundreds of radio stations. Available navigation allows you to easily get to your next adventure.

Contact Braman Honda Miami today to find out more about the all-new Honda Civic Type R and when it’ll be available. We proudly serve drivers in the Miami, Doral, and Hialeah areas.

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