How Often Should I Change My Tires?

How Often Should I Change My Tires?

Having a well-rounded understanding of basic automotive service needs will make you a more responsible car owner. Our Braman Honda technicians are here to help you along the way if you’re looking for tire services in Miami, FL.

We answer a lot of questions from folks throughout Hialeah, Miami, and Doral, Florida. What are some of the most common inquiries? Well, one question we see a lot is certainly, “How often should I change my tires?”

This is a good question, as there are numerous factors at play when you need to change your car tires. So, how often should this happen? Let’s dive into it!

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When To Change Tires Will Be Specific to Your Car and Driving Habits

There’s no definitive answer for when to change your car’s tires, as it depends on your specific model and your unique driving habits. So, the tires on one vehicle may wear out more quickly than the tires on another.

Some of the common estimates include a three-to-five-year average lifespan, assuming you’re driving at least 10,000 miles a year. However, where and how you drive are important factors too.

For instance, if you do a lot of off-roading, the tires may need to be replaced earlier than a pair of tires that never leave the pavement. Similarly, if you like to drive fast and use an aggressive set of performance tires, these may also need to be swapped sooner.

Finally, if you simply do a lot of driving each year—in excess of 15,000 miles—keep a close eye on the tires, as they may need to be swapped out within a couple years.

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How Do I Know if My Tires Need To Be Changed?

If you’re trying to determine whether your car tires need to be swapped out, there are performance tendencies to keep an eye out for plus a test you can do at home.

The test is called the penny test. All you have to do is grab a penny, flip it upside down, and put it into the tread of one of your tires. When you do this, you should see Lincoln’s forehead disappear. This means there is enough tread left in the tire. If you can see his entire forehead, however, the tread is mostly gone and you’ll require a new tire.

As for performance, worn tires mean less grip. So, if you notice your model takes a longer time to come to a complete stop or the tires are spinning when you accelerate quickly, it’s probably time to bring your car into the shop. Our team will be happy to inspect your tires and, if necessary, replace them with a proper set.

Need to Change Your Tires? We Can Help

A fresh, grippy set of tires will improve performance, safety, and general peace of mind as you travel near Hialeah, Miami, and Doral, Florida. So, keep an eye on your car’s tires. If you think they’re wearing down, reach out to our Braman Honda Service Center for assistance!

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