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Honda Accord Dashboard Lights

Honda Accord dashboard lights ensure your safety and help provide the professional care your car needs, but only if you know what each symbol means. To help you understand what these warning lights mean, Braman Honda is here with your guide to all the Honda Accord dashboard lights you may encounter when driving through Miami, Hialeah, or Doral, Florida. Are you seeing an exclamation point on your Honda Accord dashboard but you’re not sure what’s wrong? Or maybe a wrench light and you’re unsure what it means? In this article, we’ll discuss all you need to know about what your Honda Accord Dashboard lights mean.


Why Are Honda Accord Dashboard Lights Important?

Dashboard light symbols like warning and indicator lights play an important role in the safe operation of your vehicle. As you’ll learn below, they can inform you if a component of your car is not functioning properly, or let you know that a certain feature or setting has been activated.

Each vehicle comes with its own set of dashboard lights. While many models do feature similar iconography, they are not all the same. The “Check Engine” light for the Honda Accord, for example, may look slightly different than the “Check Engine” light for the Honda Civic.

Therefore, it’s vital to consult your owner’s manual, so you have a clear understanding of what each light looks like and what it means for your vehicle. We’ve provided some assistance in this department through the sections below. Let’s get started!

Honda Accord Warning Lights

Battery Error LightThere are two types of dashboard symbols you can see in the Honda Accord. The first are warning lights. Honda Accord warning lights can be red or yellow, and they let you know when certain parts under the hood are severely damaged or malfunctioning. Here are some of the warning lights you may see in your Honda Accord:

  • Low Oil Pressure Warning Light: The Low Oil Pressure Warning Light looks like a leaky red oil can. It means there’s not enough oil pressure in the engine.
  • Brake System Warning Light: If you see the word “BRAKE” shining in red, it means your car needs more brake fluid. This light also indicates a problem with the brake system.
  • Charging System Warning Light: A red car battery symbol on your dashboard shows a problem with the battery and charging system.
  • Malfunction Indicator Lamp: Also known as the Check Engine light, this symbol looks like a yellow engine block. It signals a malfunction with the vehicle’s emissions system or misfire in the engine’s cylinders.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning Light: The TPMS Warning Light is a yellow exclamation point in the middle of what looks like a tire. This lets you know when one of your tires needs to be inflated or when the car is using a compact spare tire.
  • Vehicle Stability Assist Warning Light: If you see an icon that looks like a swerving yellow car, there may be something wrong with the Vehicle Stability Assist system.
  • Supplemental Restraint System Warning Light: The SRS warning light is known as the airbag system light and indicates that there is a problem with the computer-controlled system responsible for deploying driver, passenger and side airbags. When the vehicle is started, the SRS light will illuminate for 1 to 5 seconds while the system goes through a self-test sequence. If you notice that the light stays on, that means that the SRS system is faulty. In this case, we recommend taking your vehicle to a qualified Honda service center as soon as possible.
  • High-Temperature Warning Light: This warning light will look like a thermometer and it will illuminate when your car has exceeded the recommended maximum temperature. We recommend monitoring this indicator closely for the next two miles and if it doesn’t turn off, schedule an appointment with your local service center. Often, overheated engines can cause irreversible damage to your vehicle so we advise to act conscientiously and fast.
  • Low-Temperature Warning Light: The blue engine coolant temperature light means that coolant temperature is extremely low. Usually, during colder winter temperatures, the coolant temperature light will ignite and take longer to turn off. However, if you notice that it persists after the startup, you should pull over immediately and call a certified technician near you.


These warning lights serve as the first sign of severe problems under the hood. Schedule a service appointment and have your car repaired as soon as you see any of the dashboard lights listed above. This will prevent performance issues, as well as more expensive repairs later.

Honda Accord Indicator Lights

Check Engine LightThe second type of dashboard lights you’ll see in your Honda Accord are indicator lights. These symbols tell you when a certain feature is being used or when your car needs minor maintenance. A few common Honda Accord indicator lights include:

  • System Message Indicator Light: The System Message Indicator Light is a yellow letter “i” inside a circle. This lets you know when there’s a message regarding your vehicle’s condition on the multi-information display.
  • Maintenance Minder™ Indicator Light: What does the wrench light mean on your Honda Accord? A yellow wrench on your dashboard means your Honda Accord is due for routine maintenance.  If you see this yellow wrench light on your Honda Accord dashboard, make sure you reach out to a professional who will take a detailed look at what is at fault. It could be a simple repair such as an oil change but you should always consult a professional when your Honda wrench light comes up.
  • Low Fuel Indicator Light: When you’re running out of gas, a yellow light that looks like a gas pump will pop up on your dashboard. This tells you that you need to fill your tank immediately.
  • ECON Mode On Indicator Light: The ECON Mode On Indicator Light looks like a green leaf. It means ECON mode has been activated and is helping your Accord deliver an efficient performance.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control Indicator Light: If you see ACC in white on your dashboard, it means Adaptive Cruise Control is on.
  • Lane Keeping Assist System Indicator Light: When the Lane Keeping Assist System is on, you’ll see LKAS in white.
  • Gear Position Indicator: The Gear Position light shows the initial of whichever gear you have selected, and lets you know that the gear is switched to that position.
  • Seat Belt Reminder Indicator: This light is white and shows an image of a person wearing a seat belt. If someone in the vehicle is not wearing their seat belt, this blinking light will appear, followed by beeping sounds.


What to Do if You See a Warning Light on Your Accord Dashboard?

If a warning light appears on your dashboard, it may be a good time to bring your vehicle into our service center. Here, our professionally trained technicians can properly diagnose the problem and get your Accord back in tip-top shape.

Upon inspection of your vehicle, our technicians will perform any necessary repairs or replacements, so you can get back on the road safe and sound. They’re capable of performing various service procedures, including:


Furthermore, scheduling an appointment with our service center is super easy! Simply head over to the appointment scheduler found here on our website, enter some basic information about your vehicle, select your desired appointment time, and you’re done! Of course, you can always give us a call and we’ll get something on the books if you’d prefer.


Check Out Your Honda Accord Dashboard Lights

Honda Accord dashboard lights are designed to help you better understand the condition of your car and when it needs professional services.

Dashboard lights should never be ignored. If you see any active Honda Accord dashboard lights when driving through Miami, Hialeah, or Doral, FL, schedule a service appointment at Braman Honda or call our service experts at 7862458308 for any questions. Our experts will diagnose the problem and conduct all necessary repairs to keep your car performing at its best.

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