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Honda Accord

There’s no disputing that the Honda Accord is a well-built sedan. However, like most good things, without the proper care and attention, its performance can really take a nosedive.

If you intend to get many years and many miles of smooth driving out of your Accord, then you need to stay up to date on routine maintenance. Fortunately, the vehicle comes equipped with a helpful Maintenance Minder system to alert you whenever service is due.

Any Miami, Doral, or Hialeah drivers who would like to know more about Maintenance Minder need only check out this 2018 Honda Accord maintenance schedule by the Braman Honda team.


What is Maintenance Minder?

Keeping track of your maintenance schedule can be a bit difficult. That’s why Honda created the Maintenance Minder system.2021 Honda Accord

Whenever any sort of service is due in your vehicle, this system will let you know. It sends alerts via a simple code of numbers and letters, which will appear in your instrument cluster.

If you’re not familiar with this code system, no worries! We’re going to break it down right now.

Code A

If you see the letter A pop up in your instrument cluster, then you have one fairly simple bit of maintenance to take care of: change the oil.

This essential bit of maintenance ought to pop up every 6,000-7,500 miles or so. When it does, contact your Honda dealer right away for a change.

Code B

When you see the letter B pop up, you’re going to have a bit more extensive service. Of course, this is all in addition to your oil change.brake rotor repair close-up

Please bear in mind that Code B maintenance should be performed at least once a year.

  • Check all brakes. This includes pads, discs, and calipers. If anything appears too worn or damaged, it will need to be changed right away.
  • Inspect tie-rod ends, steering gearbox, and gearbox boots. Linkage should be tight and all completely free from any grease leakage.
  • Check your suspension. Tighten up your ball joints and bolts.
  • Check driveshaft boots. They should have no tears or apparent damage.
  • Make sure that brake hoses are not leaking.
  • Check all fluid levels. Refill them as necessary.
  • Inspect your exhaust system. This includes the pipes, muffler, and catalytic converter heat shields.
  • Make sure no fuel lines or connectors are loose.

Numbered Items

In addition to the above codes, sub-items may appear on Maintenance Minder from time to time. Note that these items, delineated by number, are equally as important as the above and will require your immediate attention.

  1. Rotate your tires. You can check pressure now as well.
  2. Replace air cleaner element and dust filter. Drive belts should be inspected here, too.
  3. Replace transmission fluid.
  4. Replace spark plugs. The valve clearance should be examined along with this.
  5. Replace engine coolant.

During service items 1, 2, and 3, you will also want to adjust valves accordingly.

And regardless of what your car tells you, replace the brake fluid in the Accord every three years.

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