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Honda HR-V Dashboard Light Guide

Honda HR-V

Understanding the Honda HR-V dashboard lights is an important part of vehicle ownership. Depending on the light, it could signal a major malfunction, in which case, you’d want to have the vehicle serviced right away.

To help Miami, Doral, and Hialeah drivers better understand the dashboard lights of the Honda HR-V, our team at Braman Honda Miami has created this useful light guide.

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Malfunction Indicators

Honda HR-VOut of all the dashboard lights on the Honda HR-V, malfunction indicators are the most important. If they come on while driving or remain lit while operating the vehicle, your HR-V may require servicing.

Brake System

This warning light may indicate that brake fluid is low or that there’s a problem with the braking system. Check pedal pressure by lightly pressing down on the brake pedal. If everything feels ok, then check the brake fluid level. If the brake fluid is low, immediately refill. Contact a service technician right away.

Low Oil Pressure

The engine may be low on oil. Check the level and add as needed. If the light doesn’t turn off, have your vehicle inspected immediately.

Charging System

The battery isn’t charging correctly. Turn off any electronic devices like the radio, but keep the vehicle running. Contact a service center and have the system inspected.

Supplemental Restraint System

There’s a problem with either one of the airbags or a seat belt tensioner. Service may be required.

Smart Entry System

If equipped, you may have a problem with the Smart Entry System.

Malfunction Indicator Lamp

Honda HR-V Reviews

Also known as the check engine light, this may indicate a problem with the emissions control system. Check to make sure the gas cap is on correctly. If the light is blinking, the engine could be misfiring. Stop safely and allow the engine to cool.

HR-VAnti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

There may be an issue with the ABS. You can still brake normally, but you should have the system inspected soon.

HR-VTire Pressure Monitoring System

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System has either encountered an error or is currently running on a spare tire.

Vehicle Stability Assist™

An issue has been detected in the Vehicle Stability Assist™ or Hill Start Assist.

Brake System

There’s an issue with the vehicle’s automatic brake hold.

Electric Parking Brake System

Don’t use the parking brake. There may be an issue. Have the vehicle inspected right away.

Electric Power Steering

Honda HR-V

A problem with the electric power steering has been detected. Stop safely and restart the engine.

Start System

If equipped, there may be an issue with the start system.

All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

On properly equipped vehicles, this light signals a problem with the AWD system. If the light is blinking, the AWD system is possibly overheated and not working. Idle the engine and wait for the light to shut off.

High Temperature

The coolant is too hot. If the light remains on, pull over in a cool, shaded spot to allow the engine to cool. Driving slowly can also help prevent overheating.

Low Temperature

The coolant is too cold. If the light remains on after 10 minutes of driving, there may be an issue with the temperature sensor.

Check Your Honda HR-V Dashboard Lights

Contact us at Braman Honda Miami. Proudly serving drivers from across the Miami, Doral, and Hialeah areas, we can help you diagnose the dashboard light on your Honda HR-V. We can also repair your vehicle if service is needed. Contact us today for more information, or schedule a service appointment online.

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