Steps to Returning a Lease

As the term of your lease ends, the next few steps are not just important parts of wrapping up your lease. They can also set you up to enjoy other phases of your driving experience. Where can you begin?

Braman Honda helps drivers like you near Miami, Doral, or Hialeah, FL, make the most of your everyday driving. Read our steps below to returning a lease and learn how you can set yourself up for the future.

Prepping for Your Honda Lease Return

As your lease nears the end of its term, you should begin to plan for the next part of your driving journey within two to three months of its return date. Drivers can contact our dealership’s Honda Financial Services team to learn more about what’s next.

It is recommended that you record the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), so we can learn more about your lease. You can find the VIN on:

  • Driver’s side door jamb
  • Dashboard
  • Engine cover
  • Vehicle documentation

We’ll also help you learn more about scheduling a lease return inspection.

Schedule a Lease Return Inspection

As the term of your lease ends, you can schedule a lease return inspection for your Honda. Conducted by a third party, these inspections review the condition of your vehicle.

Drivers use lease return inspections as a way to learn about fees from your lease return. These inspections review:

  • Tire wear
  • Interior condition
  • Exterior condition
  • Upholstery stains or tears

While every lease return is expected to have some wear and tear, these inspections let you know about possible excessive use that alters the value of the vehicle.

Your End of Lease Options

Drivers have different options on the table as their lease nears the end of its term. You may be able to buy your leased vehicle at a lower rate than buying or leasing a new vehicle.

If you opt to buy your leased vehicle, you can use this as a tool to build credit and empower your driving journey. When you transition to owning your Honda, you can use its trade-in value as a down payment when it’s time to choose your next vehicle.

What if you enjoy the flexibility of a lease? You can ask our team about another Honda lease deal. This can continue your experience driving a vehicle with the latest blend of performance, technology, and design.

Prepping for Your Honda Lease Return

Tire Wear

Your End of Lease Options

Our Financing Team

The financing team at our dealership can help you throughout the lease return process. If you want to learn about buying your lease, we’ll review monthly payment options and provide a transparent look at what you can expect.

Do you want to enjoy the next generation of Honda design? You may be eligible to lease another Honda. Ask our team about ongoing Honda lease deals to find a fit for your lifestyle.

How can you get started? Complete our finance application. You can become pre-approved to buy or lease a Honda from our dealership.

Contact Our Team

Now that you’ve read through our steps to returning a lease, you may have more questions about your Honda lease deal. If you want to learn more about returning a lease, buying your Honda lease, or selecting your next vehicle, our team can help you throughout the process.

If you live near Miami, Doral, or Hialeah, Florida, contact our team at Braman Honda to learn more about returning a lease.

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