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Your Honda CR-V may be designed to deliver long-lasting performance, but it still needs professional services from time to time. So, how do you know when your CR-V needs maintenance? In this article, we’ll provide a detailed checklist of all the service components necessary to keep your CR-V in top condition. Scheduling your CR-V maintenance based on mileage can keep it running for many years.

Depending on your vehicle’s mileage, service and repair needs can vary. A CR-V with 7,000 miles will probably only require an oil change, a tire rotation other visual inspections, whereas a CR-V with higher mileage will require a more thorough inspection and even transmission or brake fluid replacement. Routine maintenance is the key to keeping your car running like new. To make sure you never miss a recommended service appointment, Braman Honda in Miami has created this guide to the Honda CR-V maintenance schedule.

Check it out below to get an idea of when you should schedule your next service appointment for your Honda CR-V.

Automotive Maintenance Guide


The 7,500-Mile Appointment

At every 7,500-mile interval, you should schedule to have your Honda CR-V serviced at a professional service center near Miami, Hialeah, and Doral. This appointment typically includes an oil change and a tire rotation.

To ensure everything under the hood is operating correctly, the technicians will also perform visual inspections of the following components:

  • Fluid levels and condition
  • Suspension system
  • Brake hoses and lines
  • Cooling system connections and hoses
  • Exhaust system
  • Driveshaft boots, tie rod ends, and steering gearbox

The 15,000-Mile Appointment

Every 15,000 miles, make sure your Honda CR-V gets all the services listed for the 7,500-mile service appointment along with an engine oil filter change. You should also have professionals check its parking brake adjustment and the entire brake system. This will keep your car performing efficiently and safely for as long as possible.

The 30,000-Mile Service Appointment

At each 30,000-mile interval, your Honda CR-V will need its air cleaner element and spark plugs replaced. The drive belts and valve clearance should be checked and adjusted, too.Oil Change

The 45,000-Mile Appointment and Beyond

The 45,000-mile service appointment for your CR-V will include all the maintenance items listed for each interval. It will also need an engine coolant and brake fluid replacement.

Other maintenance items required for your Honda CR-V include:

  • Transmission fluid replacement – Every 90,000 miles
  • Idle speed and water pump inspection – Every 105,000 miles
  • Timing belt replacement – Every 105,000 miles

Maintenance Minder™ for the Honda CR-V

Even with this guide, it can still be difficult to stay on top of all the service appointments and maintenance items your car needs. Luckily, the Honda CR-V is equipped with Maintenance Minder™.

Maintenance Minder™ uses advanced technologies to monitor systems under the hood as well as your current mileage. If it detects a faulty or worn-down part, or if you’re overdue for routine maintenance, it will display a code to help you understand exactly what it needs.

Here is a list of Maintenance Minder™ Codes you could see in your Honda CR-V:

Main Code A Change the engine oil.
Main Code B Change the engine oil and filter.
Check the brakes.
Inspect the suspension and steering components. Check the brake lines and hoses.
Inspect the fluid levels and conditions.
Check the exhaust systems.
Inspect the fuel lines and connections.


Sub Code 1 Check tire condition and air pressure, adjust if needed. Rotate the tires.
Sub Code 2 Replace the dust and pollen filter. Check the drive belt condition.
Sub Code 3 Change the CVT fluid.
Sub Code 4 Inspect the valve clearance. Change the spark plugs.
Sub Code 5 Replace engine coolant.
Sub Code 6 Change rear differential fluid in AWD CR-V models.
Sub Code 7 Replace the brake fluid.


Get Your Honda CR-V Serviced Now!

Scheduling routine maintenance is the best thing you can do to preserve the performance and condition of your Honda CR-V. So, if you’re overdue for service, you can head over to Braman Honda in Miami near Hialeah and Doral or schedule your service appointment online today! Call our service center at 7862458308. 

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