Honda Financing

Purchasing a vehicle is a serious investment. At Braman Honda in Miami, we offer affordable financing and leasing options to help you get behind the wheel of the vehicle you need when you need it most.

Our expert Honda finance department has years of experience working with drivers from across the Miami, Hialeah, and Miami Beach area. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to own a Honda.

Auto financing at Braman Honda in Miami is safe, easy, and a great way to help you budget for a new or used vehicle.

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What Are My Options?

Although most drivers choose to finance their vehicles, that’s not your only option. Braman Honda in Miami offers both financing and leasing, so you can decide what makes the most sense for your specific vehicle needs. First, let’s look at auto financing.


When you choose to finance your Honda, you agree to make regular payments to gradually cover the cost of the vehicle plus any taxes and interest. Once you’ve paid back the loan, the vehicle is yours and the title is transferred into your name.

Usually, drivers will opt to make a down payment on the car to reduce the amount of money they have to borrow.


Leasing is different from financing for a couple reasons. First, you don’t need to put any money down since your agreement isn’t based on you repaying a loan. Instead, you pay for only a specified length of time and sometimes for the miles that you drive the vehicle.

Second, while you’re still required to make monthly payments, once the leasing agreement ends, you have to return the vehicle to the dealership.

Leasing a Honda is great for drivers who only need a vehicle for a short amount of time or as a way to test out different Honda models before you decide which one to purchase.

Used Car Financing

Just because you’re not buying a new Honda model doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of auto financing. Braman Honda in Miami offers financing on all of our used cars, giving you more flexibility when it comes to purchasing the vehicle you need.

Get Started by Completing an Auto Finance Application

Even if you’re not sure what vehicle you want, you can still get a free loan quote to help you determine what you can afford. We work with only the most trusted lenders, so you can enjoy low rates and flexible terms. You can start by completing our safe and secure online auto loan application or using the auto loan calculator and affordability calculator to help determine your budget.

The auto loan calculator helps you to estimate your approximate monthly payment by entering your loan terms. The affordability calculator tells you how much car you can afford by using an anticipated monthly payment amount and other loan terms.

If you’re in the Miami, Hialeah, or Miami Beach area and want to learn more about your vehicle financing options, contact us today at Braman Honda in Miami.

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