Honda Pilot Maintenance Schedule

Honda Pilot

Right now, your Honda Pilot is powerful and fuel efficient, but its overall performance can decline over time. Routine automotive services can help preserve its performance so your vehicle can cruise through Miami, Hialeah, and Doral for years to come. That’s why it’s important to follow the Honda Pilot maintenance schedule.

The Honda Pilot maintenance schedule is your guide for all the services your vehicle needs and when it needs them. It’ll outline everything from when you need an oil change to when you need to replace filters, fluids, and parts under the hood.

Read on to learn more about the Honda Pilot maintenance schedule.

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Honda Pilot Oil Change

Oil changes are the most common form of maintenance your Honda Pilot will need. The recommended oil change interval for the Honda Pilot is every 7,500 miles or every year, whichever comes first.

Whether you perform this basic service yourself or take your Pilot to a professional service center, it’s always important to make sure your car gets the right kind of oil for optimum performance. Per the owner’s manual, the Honda Pilot will need premium-grade 0W-20 detergent oil with an API Certification seal on the container. Genuine Honda motor oil works best, but you can also use a different engine oil of the recommended viscosity.

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Honda Pilot Maintenance Minder™

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Your Honda Pilot will need additional services when it gets its oil changed. However, keeping track of these maintenance items and when they need to be performed can be difficult. Fortunately, the Pilot is equipped with Maintenance Minder™ to make following your car’s recommended service schedule easier.

Honda Pilot ServiceMaintenance Minder™ is an innovative feature that calculates when your car needs service based on its mileage. It also monitors the condition of the oil and lets you know when you need an oil change. When your vehicle is due for routine service, Maintenance Minder™ will display the following alerts on the multi-information display.

  • Main Code A: Schedule an oil change.
  • Main Code B: Inspect exhaust system, brakes, suspension components, and fluid levels/conditions; replace engine oil and filter.
  • Sub Code 1: Check tire condition and inflation; rotate tires.
  • Sub Code 2: Change dust and pollen filter and air cleaner element; inspect drive belt.
  • Sub Code 3: Replace automatic transmission fluid and transfer assembly fluid.
  • Sub Code 4: Change spark plugs, timing belt, and water pump; inspect valve clearance.
  • Sub Code 5: Replace engine coolant.
  • Sub Code 6: Change rear differential fluid.

With Maintenance Minder™, you no longer need to remember a specific interval for each service your Pilot needs. The system can do it for you and simply let you know when it’s time to schedule your next service appointment.

Schedule a Service Appointment for Your Honda Pilot

In addition to following a recommended maintenance schedule, taking your Honda Pilot to a trusted service center like the one at Braman Honda Miami will preserve its condition and performance. At our state-of-the-art facility near Miami, Hialeah, and Doral, our team of experienced technicians will provide your Honda Pilot with all the necessary services so it can deliver the powerful and efficient performance you love for as long as possible.

For more information about the Honda Pilot maintenance schedule, contact Braman Honda Miami or schedule your service appointment today!